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Designed & Tested for Virtually Any Application

The Anko Products line of peristaltic pumps and gearmotors offers many solutions to various industries. We have designed and calibrated each component to ensure accuracy in its individual duty demands, from the heaviest of manufacturing processes to the most precise research task and everything in between.


The low-shear design of our agriculture/food pumps enables superior solids handling without contamination. This configuration helps provide superior hygienic performance, reduce waste, minimize damage and produce a high-quality outcome. We take pride in delivering a system that offers accurate dosing and metering.

Common agriculture dispensing applications include:

  • Dairy process sanitization equipment
  • Cleaning chemicals for milking machines
  • Nutrients to farm animals
  • Nutrients to plants in greenhouses

Agriculture/Food Products


Portability, convenience and durability are built into every Anko environmental pump. Our products are used in water conditioning and water treatment markets as well as many other industries. We offer a range of valuable environmental systems capable of handling multiple applications, from metering out chemicals to make our water safe to drink to adding polymers to make the wastewater safer for the environment. Using contamination-free single-use fluid paths, our pumps and tubing systems maintain the integrity of high purity processes.

Common environmental applications include:

  • Air and water sampling
  • Water treatment
  • Flue gas sampling

Environmental Technology Products


Anko Products peristaltic pumps and gearmotors are carefully engineered for the toughest industrial applications and are ideal for abrasive, corrosive, viscous and crystallizing substances. Energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance lead to substantial savings during the lifecycle of our components.

Common industrial applications include:

  • Warewash (commercial dishwashers)
  • Dispensing detergent and chemicals for sanitizing dishes
  • Laundry (commercial laundry washers)

Industrial Products


Anko Products peristaltic pumps have a number of advantages over other pump designs. Unlike many other systems, the fluid within the tube is not exposed to any pump components. This prevents contamination of both fluid and pump, ensuring that the fluid remains completely pure and undamaged. Because our peristaltic pumps operate by positive displacement, they are perfect for medical and pharmaceutical uses, where precisely measured amounts of fluid need to be delivered.

Common medical and pharmaceutical applications include:

  • Pumping nutrients or circulation of cell suspension in fermentation
  • Liquid transfer
  • Bioreactor feed pumps
  • Medical devices using saline pumps
    • Liposuction
    • Urology
    • Irrigation
    • Anthroplasty
    • Angioplasty
    • Thrombectomy
    • RF Ablation


Medical Products


Vending and beverage manufacturers face many challenges. Along with the pressures of a competitive market, reputations are built around product integrity and consistency. A contaminated serving can be damaging to any food and beverage supplier. With a range of peristaltic pumps for food and beverage services, we can provide accurate, hygienic, low maintenance components for metering flavorings, colors or additives, or dispensing applications

Common vending and beverage applications include:

  • Coffee and coffee concentrates
  • Hot chocolate, brewed tea (hot & iced)
  • Flavored & filtered water
  • Dosing sauces and syrups
  • Ice cream flavorings
  • Juices
  • Flavored liquor chilling equipment, etc.

Food/Beverage Products



Peristaltic Pump Technology so no pump or fluid contamination and single gasketed valves make our products a great choice in sterile applications.

Common sanitary applications include:

  • Hands Free Soap Dispensers
  • Commercial Laundry Washers
  • Commercial Dishwashers

Sanitary Products